Hyperthyroidism Information and Treatment

Your thyroid is a gland found in the front of your neck. This gland produces a hormone which controls your metabolism or how your body turns food into energy. The thyroid hormone also effects your heart, muscles, bones, and cholesterol.When your thyroid produces too much of the hormone this is called hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism can cause everything to speed up. You may lose weight quickly, have a fast heartbeat, sweat a lot, or feel nervous and moody. Or you may have no symptoms at all. Your doctor may discover that you have hyperthyroidism while doing a test for another reason.Hyperthyroidism is usually associated with Graves’ disease. Graves’ disease causes the body’s immune system to attack the thyroid. The thyroid then fights back by producing too much thyroid hormone resulting in hyperthyroidism.Some symptoms to watch for include: – mood swings or nervousness – shaky hands – fast heartbeat and difficulty breathing – rapid weight loss – more frequent bowel movements – hair falling outIf you have any of these symptoms talk to your doctor right away. Hyperthyroidism can be detected by a simple blood test.Hyperthyroidism is treated by beta-blockers. Beta-blockers are pills that help control your symptoms. After taking beta-blockers your doctor might decide to give you radioactive iodine treatments and antithyroid medication.Radioactive iodine is the most common treatment. Most people are cured after drinking one dose. It destroys part of your thyroid gland, but it does not harm any other parts of your body.Antithyroid medicine works best if your symptoms are mild. These pills do not damage your thyroid gland. But they do not always work, and you have to take them at the same time every day. If they stop working, you may need to try radioactive iodine again.If you suspect you may have hyperthyroidism talk to your doctor so you can get properly diagnosed and receive treatment.Visit Healthy Moms – Parenting, Pregnancy, Health and Women’s Issues for more information on your health.

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